Monday, 21 January 2008

stupid bbc

I just saw an extremely disturbing tv program. Mum at 14. At one point the dad said
the decision of whether the girl would have an abortion is presented as being wholly the parents decision. The first we hear of this is when the commentary says "having lost a daughter to cot death kevin and kerry (the parents) didn't want want Kissy to have an abortion; life is too precious (emphasis commentators!)
Later the father states
"we were devastate to think that she could be offered it (an abortion) and make a decision when she's scared and panicking, with already losing one...(they are refering to kizzy's older sister who died as an infant) I would have been heartbroken I think, I would have been heartbroken, I don't know how I would have got through it, so it's not just the child being affective it would have (me) emotionally. It would have affected me and I know Kerry would have been in bits. How can we live our lives having buried one daughter and then deal with the fact that our daughters then had an abortion? It should be against all human feeling, to kill a fetus, a baby, an unborn child. I don't know how we're doing it, how we're getting away with it. We should be fucking ashamed of ourselves"

The statement of a man who believes that his feelings as the grandfather should be more important than the mother or the fetus. The utterly self absorbed self righteous nature of him was repulsive and offensive and I found the anti-abortion message of the program to be really unbalanced; there was no fair and balanced respect as there should be on the bbc for both points of view. It was all "look at brave kizzy, keeping her baby, she's taking responsibility." Well actually I don't think she was taking responsibility, as far as it looks her parents are raising the child, the same parents who effectvely gave her no choice to keep the baby or not.

I am repulsed and very disappointed in the bbc

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